Updated certificate of approval | zPas Quartz Downhole Pressure Gauge

Zetscan has passed the next certification stage in the approval of the quartz downhole pressure gauge zPas. The document was issued by the Russian Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency.

This document certifies that Zetscan products have passed technical and metrological tests, and have been entered into the state register of measuring tools, approved for use on Russian Federation territory.

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology approved zPas pressure gauges in an order dated September 28, 2022. N 2400. The certificate bears the serial number 86887-22.

Autonomous Quartz Downhole Pressure Gauge zPas are designed to measure and record pressure and temperature values along the wellbore and variations in these parameters over time at any point during well testing (for example, pressure build-up, pressure falloff, pulse code testing, interference test etc.) allow for quick temperature logging, determine the boundaries of gas-oil-water sections in the well, and more.