zPas-10M Quartz Pressure Gauge

The downhole quartz pressure gauge zPas-10M measures the pressure and temperature along the wellbore. It is a highly sensitive tool with 10 Pa resolution in pressure variations and 0.001 C resolution in temperature variations. The quarts oscillation and temperature compensation designs allows the accurate long-term performance between the calibrations.

The tool shows exceptional performance in applications which deal with low amplitude pressure/temperature variations such as, for example, the pressure interference testing and pressure transient analysis in low drawdown dry gas and condensate wells.

The zPas-10M feature a fast response platinum resistivity temperature gauge which allows high resolution wellbore temperature measurements.

The tool provides very accurate pick of the water, oil and gas wellbore contacts.


  • Pressure Resolution 10 Pa

  • Temperature Rating 160o C

  • Titanium housing: Corrosion resistant, H2S resistant